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Has Spring Finally Sprung?

This past winter was the coldest and the longest lasting in this author's memory. That dates back to 1985.

On the plus side, new permits are up! This equates to more opportunities for builders and tradesmen. If current trends continue, an increase of 15-20 % (for new construction) over the past year is the result.

The new High school is progressing nicely. It is a beautiful building that includes many hi-tech features. Those surroundings can only help Charles County students achieve more in that attractive, state of the art, environment.

New Single Family Homes, Apartments, and Townhouses will also show increases this year.

The poor weather slowed and stopped new permit ground breaking activities. They also hampered the timeliness and efficiency for the active permits. Numerous snowfalls and cold temeratures caused delays, and delays always drive costs upwards.

Planchek has been working to help get projects back on track. If we can assist you negotiate plan review or inspection activities, do not hesitate to ask.

Contact Brad Pelczar or me to discuss your needs.

Best Wishes on the new building season,

Dave Rose






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