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Late Inspection Requests

Planchek is always prepared to help in scheduling and related matters so far as possible. Providing timely and comprehensive Inspections is our duty. To achieve these objectives amid higher than normal seasonal volume increases, we seek the cooperation of all permit holders. The following requests and conditions are the means applied to achieve these goals.

Numerous inspection requests made very late in the day, after 4:15 pm, risk not be placed on the next day inspection schedule. Higher than normal, seasonal inspection volumes are complicating efficiency, so please make every effort to complete your inspection request prior to 4:15 PM.

So doing will avoid potential delays - and penalties.

If construction is not yet ready for inspection when you make the request - Do Not Request an Inspection.

Requesting an inspection for incompleted work wastes every permit holder's and Planchek's time, materials and efforts. Planchek can be on site within 24 hours - and in an emergency - sooner.

A second problem arises when the requested inspections are cancelled the following morning near 8:30 am - when or after inspectors leave the office. Inspection cancellations are requested prior to 8:00 AM the day they are scheduled.

Cancellations not received by 8:00 am risk the assessment of re-inspection fees.

Both problems have become chronic with some permit holders. Making requests on a hunch or a hope the work will be complete when inspectioned defeats timely inspections for all the permit holders we serve. 


Planchek inspectors will begin assessing re-inspection fees, for each permit, if requests for inspections are repeatedly found incomplete - or the work inspected is found significantly non-compliant.

*** Inspection cancellations received after 8:00 AM the day they are scheduled may also result in re-inspection fees assessments - for each permit. This request is made to promote timely arrivals, enhance customer service, and assure efficiencies for all permit holders.

Guessing and hoping are problematic and costly construction business strategies that negatively impact inspection activities for all permit holders.

If work moved faster than expected and no inspection was requested - Inspectors already on site for another inspection are always prepared to add an inspection on those occasions.

Only an extremely heavily inspection volume will change this policy. If you encounter difficulties - call me or Brad - 301-870-8710 or 645-3302***

The New Regulations tab contains detailed information of the hours of submission for emailed or faxed requests.




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