About Planchek


Planchek is contracted to help administer the Building Codes for Charles County and the Incorporated Towns of Indian Head, and La Plata, Maryland.


Planchek was awarded a contract with Charles County Government in 1997.  Since then, Planchek secured contracts with the Towns of La Plata and Indian Head. Planchek work with government officials and staff within the Codes, Permits, & Inspection Services/CPIS department. Planchek staff performs inspections utilizing the various Codes adopted in the jurisdictions we serve to assure compliance.

This Contract Agent relationship utilizes the flexibility and cost saving benefits found in the private sector to better serve the needs of the permit holders & residents of Charles County, and the Towns, in a timely and efficient manner.

Inspection requests are normally conducted within 24 hours.

Lower Permit Costs, and the savings realized from efficient response times, are two of the many benefits this relationship between government and the private sector generate.

Connect with us

Planchek Officers


Dave Rose is the Owner & President.  He is your resource for Planchek's personnel, operations, legal, and administrative questions.  He can assist you with Energy Conservation, Green Code, and - Maryland "Historic" property issues. He is your resource for complaints! And...any web problems. 301-870-8710. 

Robert B. Moss: Planchek Corporate Counsel. 


Sherry Rose: Operations Manager & Assistant to the President. Contact Sherry on any operations issues or regarding financial matters. 301-870-8710

Inspection Staff

steve tackish.jpg

Mark Davis, Paul Hamby, Brian Lewis, Jim Casler, Tom Zrioka, and Steve Tackish are Planchek's Inspectors. Paul is certified as a Master Code Professional. The inspectors  are available daily, from 7:30 -8:30 am to answer questions and provide code advice. 301-870-8710 

Steve Tackish additionally serves the Indian Head in a Code Official capacity. Contact him at the Town of Indian Head Office, or the main Planchek office in Waldorf. 301-743-5511 ext. 101

Support Staff

Courtney Machoskie and Breanna Mulhern are the people you'll most likely speak with when calling Planchek. They assure the inspection processes, customer concerns, paper work, and other record keeping are properly reconciled. Courtney & Breanna manage the complex and confusing aspects of scheduling building inspections simultaneously. 301-870-8710