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The Inspection Process


The permit inspection process is required by Charles County and Town Governments to verify conformance with the several codes and ordinances adopted. The inspections required vary depending upon the type, size, and scope of the project.  The number of inspections and types of inspections are contigent upon the demands of the codes and what is discovered during Plan Review.  Each permit holder is provided the required number and types of inspections in the permit packet provided to them when the permit is approved.  Completing the entire inspection process and obtaining the Use & Occupancy Certification are legal responsibilities.  Planchek is ready to provide assistance and help with the several aspects of compliance.  Call our office.  

1. Building Permit References:


Codes Permits & Inspection Services:

CPIS, is a division of Planning & Growth Management. Generic permit information is available there.  The requirements and applications for permits are located there.  


CPIS publishes Guidelines for many permit types.

The link to that site page is Here.


The Development History of a property and permits associated with the property is located Here.


The Charles County Government's Customer Assistance Guide is available Here.

La Plata & Indian Head  issue Building Permits. Contact Planchek for ALL TRADE PERMITS 

2. Scheduling Inspections


Inspection scheduling may begin once the Permit is available to Planchek.


IMPORTANTLY - The "Order of Inspections" must be followed.  Pre-requisite inspections must precede others.  


Calling Planchek offices to schedule an inspection assures the permit holder's questions are answered and any other requirements are disclosed.  


The inspector can provide an estimate of their arrival time - usually within a 4-hour window.

3. Use & Occupancy Certificate


Once ALL the Final inspections are approved, the inspector will complete and issue an Application for the Use & Occupancy Certificate/U&O.  


St. Mary's Contractors are required to have U&O documentation at the job site for the Inspectors signature at the time of final inspection.


The U&O is the legal document that sanctions the "Use and Occupancy" of the dwelling or structure.


This is MANDATORY!  Legal problems will arise when, and if, the U&O is not obtained.

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