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Order of Inspections

IMPORTANT - FRAMING & FINAL INSPECTIONS: The building permit's framing and final inspections are comprehensive AND includes the component/trade permits. All Subordinate & Trade permits: ELECTRICAL, PLUMBING, MECHANICAL, WATER/SEWER, GREEN, etc... MUST be performed prior to, or at the same time, as the Building Permit FRAMING or FINAL Inspection! 

Combination Inspections:

WS: Water & Sewer Laterals, EL: Service Cut-In/Rough, PG: Gas Pressure/Rough for example, cannot be performed separately, or the Combo fee savings is forfeited!  

All outstanding fees for additional/duplicate inspections or re-inspection fees must be paid before the next inspection request is scheduled.

General Inspection Guidelines

Not all Inspection Types may apply to your project. There may be more or fewer required inspections depending upon the scope of work.
***Check the Permit's Required Inspection List ***



Do not skip Inspections!

Do not begin vertical framing unless ALL foundation inspections are approved and/or engineering documents were previously delivered to the inspector.

We're happy to field questions. Calling provides us an opportunity to meet you and discuss your project. (301-870-8710) or Email Us.  Communicating is how we learn about your needs and the best way to service those needs. See the Request An Inspection page to make a request on-line. ALWAYS LEAVE A PHONE NUMBER! If there is a conflict, we'll call you. 

For additional information, please access our Customer Assistance guides here.

The Standard Order for Inspections:

Building Inspections:


1. Footing = 11

2. Backfill = 12

3. Reinforced Wall = 13

4. Slab = 14 

5. Load Path = 18

6. Trade Inspections/WS

7. Framing/Close-in = 16

8. Insulation = EE

9. Final = 19

10. Driveway = DW

Electrical Inspections:


1. Underground (if required) = 20

2. Combo: Rough Wire/Cut-in = 21 

3. Rough Only = 21

4. Cut-In Only = 22

5. Final = 29


(It may take up to 72 hours after the inspection for SMECO to set the meter. If you split your service and rough wire inspections - add't fees will apply.)


Plumbing Inspections:


1. Under Ground-Ground works = 41

2. Rough PG Only = 42

3. Combo: Rough PG + Gas = 42

4. Gas only = 50

5. Final = 49


(If you split your gas and rough wire inspections add'l fees will apply.)

Mechanical and Energy:


1. Groundwork = 60

2. Rough In = 61

3. Final = 69

Deck Inspections:


1. Footing = 11 -

(Certain Environmental areas require 48" footings)

2. Final = 19 

Insulation Inspections:


Insulation Inspections = EE.

Commercial ENERGY Inspections are comprehensive - see your permit packet for details related to your project


(EE Inspections MUST be conducted BEFORE hanging sheetrock.)

Commercial Change of Occupancy:


1. GC - Building

2. GC - Electrical

3. GC Plumbing

4. GC - Fire

State Fire Marshal Approval is often ALSO required.

(Green Card permits are issued for change of business operations where no modifications are performed to the building.  The Final Inspections of Building, electric, plumbing, and fire prevention are conducted simultaneously.)

Pool Inspections:


1. Electrical Underground = 20

2. Electrical Deck Bonding = 23

3. Electrical Pool Bonding = 24

4. Pool AND Electrical Final = 19 and 29 


(A compliant pool barrier MUST be complete before the final inspection.)

Water and Sewer Inspections:


1. Combo: Laterals = 46

2. Water Lateral Only = 43

3. Sewer Lateral Only = 44

4. Meter = 45 


(It may take up to 72 hours after the inspection before the meter is placed by SMECO / Charles County Utilities) 

Sign Permits:


1. Rough/Anchor = 8 

2. Final = 19 


(Sign permits vary, considerably.  The size, location and other factors impact the type and number of inspections.  Generally, SGM permits are obtained by Professional installers familiar with the required inspection dynamics.)

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