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Inspection Overview

Planchek offers several resources to help you through your inspections here on our site. In addition, you can find more information on permits and inspection services at the Charles County Planning and Growth management site. Further information is also available in the Charles County Customer Assistance Guide Here.

Inspection Process



Review the standard processes required for your permit type(s) - from Footing to Final inspections sign-off. Step-by-Step Permit Resource page.


Commercial Inspections

Commercial projects are included because their compliance requirements are more stringent and complex. Commercial projects require additional, and duplicate inspections types - of depending upon the scope of work. Review the CPIS permit packet, then call the Planchek offices for assistance and directions.


Order of Inspections



The Order of Inspections is vital information. Many inspections have specific requirements and pre-requisite inspections.  When the Order is not followed, problems will arise.  Certain combination inspections, when not performed simultaneously, adds additional inspection fees. Pay close attention to the descriptions.


Engineering Certificate Requirements

If you choose to engineer the footing, wall, backfill, or slab - please notify the inspector ASAP.  When engineering the foundation, contact Planchek once you receive the certification - then request the appropriate inspection(s). More details, including a sample Certification form, is Here.


Mandatory and Auxillary Regulations

The Mandatory Regulations page contains information on unique requirements that occasionally are not contained, or clarified in the ICC codes. Please review these resources before starting the inspection process.


Contact Us

Planchek is here to help with any questions you may have about your permits and inspection(s). There are no dumb questions. Planchek's Mission is to Revolve Compliance Problems. Questions lead to clarification and that helps expedite the processes and saves the Permit Holder valuable time and effort. Contact Us.


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