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Helpful Links

Below are useful references for permit holders, builders, and homeowners. These include local and state government agencies, with relevant code and regulatory resources.



Charles County Government

The Charles County Government permit offices keep records on permit activity and histories.  To verify your permit status visit the site, and navigate to your permit info.


Town of La Plata

 To examine the Town of La Plata's operations and news visit the link above.


Town of Indian Head


To explore the Town of Indian Head's operations and news visit the link above.




Maryland's Department of the Environment contains vital information on the current energy regulation status, and proposed activities within the state.  


International Code Council


The ICC publishes the building codes used in Maryland.  They are an excellent resource for most code related questions.  Click the header above to visit them.

And Link HERE:


Environmental Protection Agency


The EPA produces and controls regulations for several areas related to code and permit administration.  


Maryland Fire Marshall 


The Maryland SFMO is a division of the Maryland State Police.  To see which areas fall within their purview visit their site. 


US Department of Energy


The DOE is where energy policies germinate.  To keep abreast of the potential changes, click the title above.



Maryland's Department of Labor and Licensing, DLLR, is a resource that contains the various departments of state government that require licensing.  This is useful for verifying a tradesman's license and to see if any complaints are filed. 

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