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Engineering Certificate Requirements

If you choose to engineer the footing, wall, backfill, or slab - CALL PLANCHEK and request the appropriate inspection once you receive the certification.


Never begin Vertical Framing until you deliver the engineering documents for any earthwork (Footing, backfill etc) to the inspector!


ALWAYS - Check your documents.


Certification Requirements


The Certification document MUST contain: 


  • Date,

  • Permit number,

  • Street address,

  • Description of work the Engineer performed and the scope of work - Footing, Back fill, Slab,

  • Sealed by the Licensed Maryland Engineer


Sample Engineering Certification Language

ALL Certification MUST contain the following language:


“Based upon visual observations, testing performed, and previous experience, I hereby certify that (describe work and components) at the above referenced property meets or exceeds the requirements specified in the (Name appropriate Code Standard and list applicable sections) for work of this type.


It is also my professional opinion that the work certified conforms to Code referenced hereon.






Exp date"


All Certifications must be signed and sealed. If your engineering documents are inaccurate or incomplete in any way, delays will occur.

For a copy of the Certification Guidelines, click HERE.

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