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Town of Indian Head


Planchek serves the Town by administering the adopted codes and ordinances, in addition to performing plans review and inspections. Steve Tackish is Planchek's representative. He also functions as as the Code Enforcement Officer.  


Indian Head, Maryland is a quaint historic jurisdiction that was part of Lord Baltimore's Chapman's Landing grant in 1654.  The Town is an incorporated jurisdiction within Charles County.  Several historic sites and structures adorn the Town landscape.


The Town sits adjacent to the Naval Surface Warfare Center.  The Indian Head Highway terminates at base entry gates.


The Town elects a Mayor and two Council people.  The Town Manager is Ryan Hicks.

Inspection Requests
The Planchek is now accepting online inspection requests for the Town of Indian Head. To schedule and pay for your appointment, use the "Request an Inspection" button below.
New Smoke Detectors Standards
The State of Maryland recently enacted new Smoke and Carbon Monoxide regulations that the Town of Indian Head must enforce.  These statutes will require replacing existing smoke detectors in existing rental dwellings, hotel/motels, and all new construction.  Older Dwellings that  previously used battery powered detectors are allowed to replace the old units with ones that detect BOTH smoke and carbon monoxide AND use a Ten-Year battery.  Multi-family dwellings and hotel/motels must replace existing battery units with A/C  units.  Specific requirements for detector placement and inter-connectivity for the various units required are found in the legislation. A link to the legislation is Here.

The Town will soon issue conforming ordinances to remain compliant with the State's fire safety mandates.
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