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Additional Resources

Planchek has collected a variety of resources to help you understand the current codes and by-laws that defines the scope of our inspections. Please review these items in advance of requesting your inspection with us.

Helpful Resources


Look here for policy changes (that include Planchek) by visiting this section of the site. We keep this area posted with any and all changes regarding our work with you.

ADA Guidelines


Visit this section to view information on how Planchek complies with the American's with Disabilities Act in our inspections. This includes guidelines issued by the State of Maryland and our Federal Government.

ISO Report


ISO is an independent statistical, rating, and advisory organization that serves the property/casualty insurance industry. It is Risk Analysis. ISO collects information on a community's building-code adoption and enforcement services, analyzes the data, and then assigns a Building Code Effectiveness Classification from 1 to 10. To view ISO's report on Charles County, Click Here.

Useful Links


Planchek has collected a number of helpful web links for contractors, home owners, home builders, architects and more. If you're looking for information you may not have found elsewhere on the site, visit this page to see if it is referenced here.

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